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Buy Microsoft Office 2021: What should you pay attention to?

Frequently asked questions before purchasing Microsoft products

Question: Aren't the prices for Microsoft Office 2021 in the official Microsoft store quite high?

Answer: Yes, the prices can be high, which deters many interested parties.

Question: How can online retailers offer Microsoft Office 2021 at reduced prices?

Answer: Online retailers can offer licenses at cheaper prices, and we'll explain why.

Question: Is there a chance that these cheap licenses are not legal?

Answer: We clarify how you can identify legal options and avoid unsafe providers.

Question: What new features does Microsoft Office 2021 offer compared to previous versions?

Answer: Microsoft Office 2021 offers numerous innovations, including a fresh design and improved features.

Question: How can I ensure that the license key I purchased is legal?

Answer: We explain how you can protect yourself from invalid license keys.

Question: Why is the location of the company I buy from important?

Answer: Location can provide clues about the trustworthiness of the provider, and we'll explain why.

Question: How can trust seals and certificates help with purchasing decisions?

Answer: Seals of approval and certificates provide security, and we explain how you can use them.

Question: Is reselling software licenses legal?

Answer: Yes, resale is legal and we explain the legal aspects.

Buy Microsoft Office 2021: What should you pay attention to?

A few months ago, Microsoft introduced its latest office suite, Office 2021, which comes with numerous improvements. For this reason, more and more users are choosing to use this new version. But if you want to purchase Microsoft Office 2021 in the official Microsoft store, you will encounter comparatively high prices, which deters many interested parties. Nonetheless, there are more cost-effective ways to purchase Microsoft Office 2021. Many online retailers offer licenses for this productivity suite at significantly reduced prices. This raises questions among potential customers as to how such prices are even possible, since retailers must purchase the licenses and Microsoft is unlikely to offer them at significantly lower prices. Some customers suspect that these discounted licenses may not be entirely legal, especially if they are offered at very low prices. However, there are numerous legal ways to purchase Microsoft Office 2021 at prices significantly lower than the official Microsoft Store prices. In order to make the right choice, it is crucial to distinguish trustworthy providers from dubious ones in this area. In this article we would like to show you what you should pay attention to.

Office 2021: New office software with numerous innovations

Before we go into the details of purchasing Office 2021, we would like to briefly introduce you to the wide range of options this version offers. This way you can better assess whether an upgrade is worth it for you. As usual, this new edition brings with it a fresh design. Office 2021 is more modern compared to the previous version. In addition, the user interfaces have been designed to be clearer, resulting in easier and more efficient use. In addition, Microsoft has revised numerous internal algorithms in many programs, which has led to significant increases in efficiency. Office 2021 also impresses with a wealth of new functions. The extended collaboration options are particularly practical for professional users, as they make it easier for several employees to work on documents together. Additionally, the options for integrating pre-built graphics have been improved to make your documents more attractive and interesting. Each individual program in Office 2021 also has specific improvements that are tailored to the task at hand. In Excel, for example, you can now find content in your tables much more easily. In Word, Line Focus enables better concentration on the content to be edited. PowerPoint makes creating animations for presentations even easier, and you can pre-record all of the content, including the audio. Significant improvements have also been made to the other Office programs. As you can see, the current version offers many reasons to upgrade.

Not all Office 2021 licenses are legitimate

If you want to use Office 2021 from Microsoft, you can first download and install the software for free. However, you must activate it before you can use it. When you purchase, you will receive a so-called license key, also known as a product key. This key consists of a long string of numbers and letters. When you enter this, Microsoft checks whether it is valid. If this is the case, the software is available to you without restrictions. Activation is to ensure that you have properly purchased the license. However, it can happen that questionable providers send their customers an invalid license key. The Office software cannot be activated with such a key. Sometimes these are trial versions that are deleted after a certain period of time. Another problem is that in some cases license keys that are used multiple times are offered. Vendors often send the same license key to hundreds or even thousands of customers. This is of course illegal, as each license only applies to one device. Nevertheless, the software can initially be activated with such a key. But Microsoft notices after a short time if multiple logins occur with the same key. This results in the provider deactivating it so that you can no longer use your Office package. This can even have legal consequences. This is why it is extremely important to avoid using illegal license keys

Microsoft Home and Business 2021

Check the company headquarters for a reputable choice

In order not to fall for dubious providers, it is extremely important to carefully check the trustworthiness of the company in question. A crucial indication of this is the company headquarters. In many countries there are few regulations regarding the sale of illegal software licenses. For this reason, many retailers are based in such regions, for example in Russia or China. In Germany, however, traders can expect legal consequences if they trade with illegal licenses. It is therefore advisable to always take a look at the legal notice to determine the location of the provider.

The importance of quality seals and certificates for trust

In addition to checking the imprint, it is advisable to pay attention to trust seals and certificates. There are various organizations that monitor and certify online retailers. One of the leading organizations in this area is Trusted Shops. This company thoroughly vets all certified providers. This offers customers a high level of security. Independent customer reviews are also available. If an online retailer sells illegal licenses, their certificate will be immediately revoked. When you visit a retailer's website, you should always look for the Trusted Shops seal. Clicking on it will redirect you to the Trusted Shops website, where you can find further information about the respective provider. The listing on this organization's website also confirms the authenticity of the seal. There are also other seals and certificates. Search for these on the website of the provider from whom you want to buy Microsoft Office 2021 and find out about the responsible organization.

The legality of licensed trading and options

Many customers are now wondering how it can be that third-party providers offer the software at cheaper prices than Microsoft itself. For this reason, they have doubts about the legality of any offers that are cheaper than the Office packages in the Microsoft shop. However, there are completely legal ways to purchase inexpensive software licenses. An example is purchasing abroad. In some other countries, Microsoft offers its products at significantly lower prices than in Germany. Buying abroad and reselling in this country are completely legal. Another option is to sell used license keys. Many users only use the corresponding programs for a short period of time. After that you no longer need them. In this case it is possible to resell the license keys. The buyer can now install the original software on his computer. This has the same quality as if you bought it directly from the Microsoft shop. With the used license key he can easily activate it. Resale of software licenses is completely legal. There have already been several court cases in this area. But the judges always ruled in favor of the sellers. The manufacturer has no right to prohibit sales. Due to the clear rulings in this matter, there is a high level of legal certainty.

Software-Delaz: Your legal and affordable source for Microsoft Office 2021

If you want to purchase Microsoft Office 2021 inexpensively, you should check out License Guru for suitable options. We carefully review each license to ensure it is a completely legal product. Various certificates and trust seals prove this. Therefore, you are on the safe side with License Guru if you want to buy Microsoft Office 2021. Here you can not only purchase the software completely legally, but also benefit from extremely attractive prices. This way, you can use high-quality office software without spending a lot.

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