Windows 11 Professional gegen Windows 11 Home: Die Unterschiede

Comparison table: Windows 11 Professional vs. Windows 11 Home

This table shows the key differences between Windows 11 Professional and Windows 11 Home and helps users choose the version that best suits their needs.

feature Windows 11 Professional Windows 11 Home
Start menu location Centered Centered
Grouped app folders in the Start menu Yes Yes
Advanced security BitLocker encryption Basic security features
Windows Defender Application Guard Yes Basic antivirus protection
Windows Information Protection Yes Not available
Remote deletion of data Yes Not available
Multi-monitor window arrangement Yes Yes
Advanced graphics (HDR support) Yes Yes
Support for DirectX 11 and above Yes Yes
Virtualization with Hyper-V Yes Basic virtualization
Collaboration with Microsoft Teams Yes Not available
Suitable for Companies and power users Casual and home users

Windows 11 Pro

Microsoft originally planned for Windows 10 to be the last version of the popular operating system. This should then be continually optimized over time. However, when numerous innovations were incorporated, it was decided to release a new operating system called Windows 11 . The new surface is striking at first glance. The new desktop differs significantly from the previous versions. But that's not all. There are numerous changes directly in the system. There is also Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Professional . Below you will find out where the differences lie.

Windows 11 Home

Special features of Windows 11 Home

The new start menu is immediately noticeable on the desktop. This is located in the middle and therefore looks similar to the Docker on Mac computers. The individual apps are also displayed in the form of grouped folders. But a lot has also happened in terms of security. This is Microsoft's response to increasing cyber threats.

Another feature is the integrated communication tools. Windows 11 is designed from the ground up to be very suitable for working together on projects. That's why the modern Teams application is now part of the basic equipment. This not only allows you to chat in real time. It is also suitable for data exchange or video conferences. However, there are numerous other innovations in the Windows 11 Professional version.

Special features of Windows 11 Professional

In addition to the functions of Windows 11 in the simpler Home version, the Professional version offers numerous security features. This includes, among other things, BitLocker device encryption. This encrypts the data on the hard drive. Therefore they cannot be viewed by unauthorized persons. If sophisticated hackers manage to gain illegal access to sensitive data, they won't be able to do anything with it. The encryption is so strong that it would take years to crack. Such security is very important for companies because data theft causes great damage every year.

There is also the Hyper-V sandbox in the professional version of Windows 11. This allows new applications or even entire operating systems to be run on the computer without making any changes to the system. For example, if you want to temporarily work with Windows 7 , you can install this operating system in a sandbox and use it as normal. The actual Windows 11 operating system is not affected by this. In this way you can also try out Linux systems or something similar. However, they don't necessarily have to be operating systems. It also works with all applications. If a company plans a change in the area of ​​application programs, these can be tried out safely. They can be completely removed afterwards.

More security in Windows 11 Professional

The Professional version of Windows 11 offers a high level of security that is absolutely necessary for companies. This includes the Pro version of the antivirus program. This is called WDAG. This is the abbreviation for Windows Defender Application Guard. This version offers significantly higher protection than Windows Defender in the Windows 11 Home version. It not only protects against intruding viruses and other harmful programs, but also against unauthorized changes to the installed apps. This is extremely important because it prevents damage.

Another important feature is Windows Information Protection. This is referred to by Microsoft as WIP for short. With this function, companies prevent employees from passing on important operational data to third parties. Not every employee is a potential industrial spy. Nevertheless, it still happens again and again that data is accidentally forwarded to the wrong recipient due to brief carelessness. Sometimes a wrong mouse click or mistyping of the email address is enough to send documents to the wrong recipient. Thanks to the innovative technology in the Pro version of Windows 11, such a mishap can no longer happen.

Nevertheless, private and business data can be stored in parallel on one computer. The security features then primarily apply to operational data. A very useful feature is possible remote access. If a computer is stolen, all business data can be deleted remotely. Then the thieves wouldn't have any fun with it. It's annoying if the data is lost, but it's still better than if it's misused. Therefore, regular backups should be stored on external storage media or in the cloud.

Better graphics in the Windows 11 Pro version

The graphics in Windows 11 are of course also impressive and much better than in previous versions. However, the Professional version has additional advantages. This includes, among other things, Multi Windows Support. You can arrange multiple windows on the desktop. This also works in all other versions. Nevertheless, there is a special feature in the professional version of Windows 11. If you disconnect the monitor and connect another one, the open windows will be arranged exactly as they were on the screen before. This feature is very convenient for anyone who works with a laptop in different rooms. The work can always be directly linked to the activities previously carried out. This saves you a lot of time.

The Pro version is also very suitable for gaming. The innovative HDR technology ensures a brilliant image in all situations. Most games are developed for DirectX. If you load a newer computer game created for DirectX 11 or higher, you can play it with the crisp HDR standard. The conversion is completely automatic and, above all, in real time.

Who is Windows 11 Pro suitable for?

Most private users use their computers for online shopping, online banking or to find out about certain topics on the Internet. Social media is also used and a number of other things are done online. Windows 11 Home is a good choice for such applications. The operation is a little different than previous versions, but it is intuitive. Anyone who has already worked with a Microsoft operating system will quickly get to grips with it. The security features are also improved compared to previous versions. That's why every private user with Windows 11 in the Home version is well advised.

However, freelancers or companies get along better with Windows 11 Professional . This system not only offers greater security for small and large companies, but is also optimally designed for smooth collaboration. Since most projects are now carried out in teamwork, it is an advantage if the operating system is very well suited for this. However, it is also possible to use the professional version as a private user. Especially when the security requirements are very high.

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